Post-Operative  Instructions for Anterior-Posterior Vaginal Repair with Mesh



  • Pain at the surgical wound is experienced 2 – 3 days after the procedure. Take the pain medications as prescribed.
  • After the surgery, you may experience giddiness and dizziness due to the effect of the anesthetics given during the surgery.  You are advised to remain in bed until you are ready to get up and walk.

Follow the doctor’s instructions

  •  Follow the doctor’s instructions as to the proper intake of prescribed medications, pain relievers and antibiotics.
  • During the first 2-3 days after surgery, expect some pain, itchiness, irritation, tightness, swelling or minimal bleeding from the wound.
  • If marked swelling, severe pain, or profuse bleeding are observed, please contact our Center or see the doctor immediately.

You may shower

  • You may shower on the third day following surgery. No tube baths for four weeks. Wash the wound with liquid soap and water every after voiding, and gently wipe the area dry thereafter.

Keep the area dry .

  • You may use a hair dryer/blower to dry the area for 10 minutes after bathing in the morning and in the evening, first week after surgery.
  •  Use sanitary napkin for the minimal bleeding, which is usually noted during the first week after surgery.


  • Avoid lifting of heavy objects, walking, and running, at least 6 week after the surgery. Avoid sexual intercourse for at least 6-8 weeks after surgery.


  • Post- operative discomfort is minimal which includes itching that is caused by the dissolving sutures and the process of healing.
  • You can take antihistamine to control the itching.  Some patients experience fungal infection after surgery due to the effects of the antibiotics taken.


  • Leukorrhea from the vagina, if noted, should not cause alarm, as this will gradually disappear within 6-8 weeks after the surgery.


  • You may eat regular food but avoid alcoholic beverages, pickled foods and avoid smoking for 1 month after surgery.

The appointment.

  • The doctor usually schedules a follow up check up one week after surgery. You are expected to come and see the doctor.
  • If you feel uncomfortable and observe unusual symptoms on the surgical area, you may come and see the doctor at anytime and must not wait for the follow up appointment.